About Tina

Tina has been in the personal training business for 21 years. She holds several certifications through the American Aerobics Association International & International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA) and the YMCA. Certified in Sports Nutrition, Nutrition and Weight-training, she has been a Fitness Trainer for the past 14 years. Tina is passionate about helping people live healthy lifestyles. A native of Southern California, she now resides in Brentwood, Tennessee where she has been operating her own personal training business for the past 12 years.

Founded in 1997, Your Body His Temple (YBHT), Inc. is a product of Tina’s vision to educate and train people in the importance of honoring their bodies as God’s temple through health, nutrition, and fitness. Her clientele consists of residents in the Nashville community and surrounding areas. She has worked with many high-profile singers, musicians and entertainers throughout her career, and has earned a reputation for having proven results. Tina has also worked closely with the Mercy Children’s Clinic in Franklin, TN, providing fitness boot camps for children who struggle with obesity.

A large part of Tina’s success is a result of her continued education. She attends quarterly AAAI/ISMA training classes and renews her certifications in order to ensure that her training knowledge and methods remain consistent with current market trends. Her success has not only caused her personal training services to be in high-demand, but she has also been a featured speaker at various community events and conferences. One such conference is the Just Girls Conference, held annually in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This conference seeks to address pertinent spiritual and practical issues affecting young girls today, including health and fitness. Tina is a featured guest speaker at this conference each year.

Your Body His Temple, Inc. is not simply a business for Tina, but it is also a ministry. She believes in developing the total person, body, soul and spirit. Tina is dedicated to her profession and to helping her clients achieve their goals. In the future she plans to continue to grow her company, and expand the non-profit side of YBHT, Your Babies His Treasure. It will focus on eliminating childhood obesity while instilling Tina’s innovative principles and techniques to the growing number of youth suffering from weight-related diseases.

In The Fridge:

Salmon, lean ground turkey, turkey sausage, kale, almond milk, hummus, spinach, eggs, organic butter, mixed vegetables, edamame, corn, and brown rice (in the steamer on the counter).

In Her Gym:

Magazines-Oxygen, Shape Fitness; free weights, balls, bands, steps, mats, treadmills, elliptical, recumbent bike, air conditioner, heater, carpet, and MUSIC!

Proud Moments:

When my clients get the BIG PICTURE concerning health, fitness, and nutrition and reach their goals.


When my husband Marcus sends me to the day spa, big cup Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Cracker Barrel's pancakes, Lululemon athletic attire, my client Jane Burke’s brownies, and Mignon Francois’ cupcakes (The Cupcake Collection) yum yum!

Can't Live Without

  • My relationship with Jesus Christ and the unmistakable favor from God.
  • Marcus, my husband- his love for me and his desire to make me smile.
  • Toni, my daughter- the time that we spend together.
  • Tracey, my son- his hugs and kisses, and when he tells me he loves me.
  • Art, my dad- his spiritual guidance and undivided attention.
  • Gail, my mom- our talks and her unconditional love & support for me.
  • DeAndre, my little brother, when he calls to check on me.
  • Marcus Brynden, my step son - his eagerness to hug, kiss, and greet me.
  • Ryan, my step son- the sparkling glow in his eyes when he looks at me.
  • My shower and hopping into bed that Marcus has prepared for me.