When I first met Tina in Aug 2007, I have to say I was nothing less than intimidated. She was beautiful, confident, and strong — everything I was wishing I could be. When I started out, my goal was to be a perfect size 10 and have the ability to go in any store and find the sale rack with something that could fit me. Working with Tina, I quickly realized that I had only set mediocre weight loss goals and that for the first time in my life I could actually be a one digit jean size. I changed my goal to an 8 which quickly fell to a six and Thanksgiving had not even hit. It's easy to get addicted to her. I found something I had never felt in my 33 years — sexy. At the request of my spouse, I put on a few pounds because once you start dropping it can be addictive. I'm 35 now, and I know this much is true.....nothing tastes better than thin feels. I'm on the journey back now because I realized that I'd done this for myself and no one else. ---------------Mignon