I had gained quite a bit of weight due to traveling with my job.  I didn’t see the weight gain until my clothes didn’t fit anymore.  I was in denial.   Of course, my family (Aunts, grandmother) was not shy about letting me know that I had gained weight.  I became self conscious about my weight. I was exercising, but didn’t see any results, no weight loss.  Darlene and I worked out together at the YMCA. Darlene cancelled her membership and started working with a trainer.  Darlene started losing weight and she said she wanted me to meet Tina. I said I would call Tina, but procrastinated.  Tina called me one Saturday morning.  I was totally surprised.  I loved her from that first time we spoke.  I could tell she was anointed with the Holy Spirit.  She was comforting and encouraging.   I lost a total of 30 pounds in a healthy way.  Tina is very knowledgeable about nutrition, weight training, and exercise according to my body type. Tina taught me good eating habits and exercise routines that worked for my body.  Her program was not generic but was designed especially for me.  Several months after I started working out with Tina, I became engaged to be married, which made me work toward another goal (to look fabulous in my wedding gown).  Tina was amazing; I could not have met that goal without her. I was fit, trim and healthy.  I loved everything about Tina’s training program. The workout sessions were never the same. They could be one-on-one,  circuit with others, inside working on the machines or outside using your natural body weight with nature (hills – squats, lunges, jump rope, pass the medicine ball , sidewalks – push-ups, sit-ups , etc.).  It was always a challenge.  Bottom line… Tina is very personable and caring and at the same time pushes you to help achieve your goal and get into good physical shape.   She is a dear friend to me for life. I would recommend her as a trainer any day.  ------------------- Trina