When I met Tina I was wearing size 10 clothes, occasionally, size 8.  One year later, I am wearing size 6 and sometimes, size 4.  I was exercising and I thought I was eating a fairly healthy diet but I had slowly picked up weight over the past 5 years.  I am a nurse and one of Tina's clients was one of my patients.  I kept weighing him weekly and the weight was literally melting off of him.  I asked him the reason for his success and he told me he was training with Tina.  One week he brought me her card and I gave her a call.

When we started, I was embarrassed to go to the gym.  I had never done any weight training and was really clueless.  Tina came to my house and we started working out there.  When she felt I was ready, she suggested that we meet at the gym. She never ceases to amaze me in how many different ways you can exercise the same muscle group.  This female knows her way around the gym!!!!!!!!

Tina has a very sensible approach to healthy eating.   She simply would ask me how the eating was going and made appropriate suggestions to maximize my weight loss.  She did not drill me about every bite of food I was putting in my mouth or ask me to weigh my food portions.

Over the past year, Tina has become a very dear friend.  She is  probably one of the most positive people I know.  She has a strong faith and is simply a good person.  On days when I was not at my best, she was always there encouraging me and praying for me.  Tina is truly a blessing in my life!!

Jane Burks