I have been a client of Tina's for close to 2 years. I think Tina is outstanding both personally and professionally. She is such a great role model in everything that she does. She is a true woman of God who exemplifies how a Christian should live. Not only is she a good trainer/nutritionist, but she is also inspirational as a wife and mother. As my trainer, Tina has taught me the importance of exercise/strength training, what it means, and how it benefits the whole body, mind and spirit. I knew that these things were important, but never knew just how important they are to my well being until she taught me. As my nutritionist, Tina has given me a totally new outlook on food, how to use it to fuel my body, and to make me healthier and stronger. I've learned that a calorie is not just a calorie, and that it's so important to chose the right foods and in the right amounts. I've learned how closely food and exercise go hand in hand in order to lose weight, become strong and have a healthy heart. I now see that eating right and exercising means a lifestyle change and not just a goal to reach then forget about. It's a continuous lifelong process. I don't think these ideas would have ever sunk in without Tina's help and guidance. You can tell that helping people get on the right track to health is a passion with her, and it shows. Tina is so good to all of us. For myself I know I don't always follow her advice, and I'm sure she gets frustrated with me, but she never lets it show, she just calmly leads me back to where I need to be, always encouraging me and inspiring me to stick with it. Tina will do just about anything for her clients and treats us like family. She's always there supporting us and letting us cry on her shoulder when we need too. I've always felt that Tina has everyone's best interests at heart. There are a lot of trainers out there, but I am so thankful that God lead me to Tina. I am very thankful she's a part of my life. ------------------------------ Tracy